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FAQs—Quilt Patterns

Q.  Can I sell a quilt made with a Shinersview quilt pattern?

A.  Absolutely!  Here are my stipulations:

  1. Keep a copy of your receipt as proof of purchase of the pattern.
  2. The items cannot be mass-produced. They must be made by hand, one at a time.
  3. Items must be made only by the individual who purchased the pattern.
  4. Credit is given to Shinersview as the pattern designer.

Q.  Can I share the pattern with another quilter?

A.  No.  Patterns are priced to allow easy access to those who want to use them to create a quilt.  However, I put in months of thought, design, test quilts, pattern testers and marketing for each and every quilt pattern that I launch.  I ask that all quilters respect my investment in the pattern and pay for the pattern if they intend to use it to make a quilt.

Q.  Can we use a Shinersview pattern in a quilting group?  

A.  Yes, provided that each member that makes the quilt has also purchased the pattern.

Q.  How do I know if there are any corrections to a pattern?

A.  From time-to-time a correction can be required, though through the use of amazing quilt testers, this is kept to a minimum.  You can find pattern corrections at Quilt Pattern Corrections.  Note:  When a correction is identified for a pattern, that correction is made to all patterns sold after the date the correction is made as noted on the corrections page.  So the correction is really for anyone who purchased the pattern prior to that date.

Q.  Will I receive a paper copy of the pattern in the mail?

A.  At this time, only digital copies of Shinersview patterns are available.

Q.  Can I purchase a Shinersview pattern in my local quilt shop?

A.  At this time, only digital copies of Shinersview patterns are available and only through Shinersview online shops.