When I was growing up, my dad was in the US Army and we moved a LOT.  An indelible memory of mine is helping my mom, an amazing seamstress, unpack her fabric stash and sewing room each time we moved.  It was a bit like Christmas, as we would dig in and assemble a list of all the fun things we were going to create with that fabric stash.  While much did get done, the list was never completely cleared before my dad had a new assignment and it all needed to get packed back up again.  

Fast forward to 2009, my husband I were building a small cabin in the woods and I wanted to make a quilt for the cabin.  I had never quilted before, so I bought a book and fabric and, by the time I was finished with the quilt, a new passion had been born.  That same wonderment that I had experienced years ago with my mom was driving my new list, for which quilts I would make next.  

In 2016, I decided to retire a bit early from corporate life and we moved into that cabin in the woods as our primary residence.  And in a little quilting studio, built by my husband, I began to create.  

Our decision to purchase a T@b tear-drop trailer—so we could enjoy said retirement and travel the western US and Canada—became fortuitous in 2017 when I used a pattern available online to create window awnings for the trailer.  I posted pictures on Facebook and it was a hit.  After gaining permission from the original pattern creator to use her design, Shinersview was born.  

In 2018, I began to add some of my passion to the shop with quilts and quilt patterns.  Mostly, as with the tear-drop trailer, I am drawn to the mid-century aesthetic and have been slowly rolling out a line of mid-century modern quilt patterns

I am also now preparing to use Shinersview to help others.  Beginning in 2019:

10% of all pre-tax profit from Shinersview.com will be donated to the Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance

(OCRA — https://ocrahope.org/ ).

It's a small step, but as an 19-year ovarian-cancer survivor, I know firsthand the importance of early detection.  OCRA is committed to research and advocacy—critical in helping other woman facing this ugly disease.  

I am often asked why "Shinersview"?  Shiner was our very first English Setter—she was an optimistic girl, ALWAYS convinced the perfect stick was ready for throwing or that the snake was just waiting under a rock for her to show up.  She seemed to move through her day with unbridled energy and optimism.  We used to joke that life would be so simple if we just had "Shiners' View".  She's been gone 14 years now, but I believe our ability to look at life a little more optimistically is a gift that Shiner left us.

In late December 2020, we relocated to my husbands homeland and we now live in Worcester, England with our English Setter, Finnegan.  In  addition to running this shop, I am committed to traveling and enjoying down time.   So you will see the shop slow down at times when we are on the road enjoying life a little.  

But don't hesitate to reach out ... I am always just an email away.