Quilt Pattern Corrections

While very infrequent, from time-to-time a correction to a pattern may be required.  

Please see the patterns referenced below.  If you have purchased your pattern after the date show, the correction has already been made on your pattern.  If you purchase it prior to the date reflected, then you should note the correction.

  • RetroBlock Quilt Pattern (July 2, 2019) —
    • Page 4, Table #2, Block 4 quantity should be 2, not 3.
  • Freja Quilt Pattern (July 27, 2019)
    • Page 8, Step J, the last sentence of the 1st bullet should read "see the red o in Image #7" ... it previously said Image #15.
    • Page 9, Trimming the Trapezoid, the first paragraph under the first trapezoid image should read, "Lay the piece created in Step D ..."  It currently reads Step A.