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IMPORTANT NOTICE:  I will not be taking any additional orders for T@b window awnings after September 30, 2020 as we will be traveling this fall and I will be unable to fulfill them before early 2021. 

If you place your order before that date, I will do my best to ship by late October, BUT it will depend on how quickly I can get the fabric from suppliers, so delivery MAY happen in early December. If you need your awnings before December, please do NOT place the order right now as I cannot commit to shipping prior to that date.

All listings will be removed at midnight, PST on September 30th for the remainder of the year.


Whether you're looking for style or substance, window awnings for T@b Trailers from Shinersview have got you covered.  

Style—with literally thousands of fabrics to choose from, it is super simple to customize your T@b window shades to complement or accentuate your vibe.

Substance—by shading the open window, these awnings give you airflow through the trailer while simultaneously shading you from the sun.  No need to remove at night, just close the window a bit and you have privacy as well.  


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