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Introducing the EchoSquare Quilt Pattern

After a 2-year hiatus, I am pleased to announce the Echo Square Quilt Pattern release.

White quilt with colorful squares for a mid-century modern style lying on the grass

This pattern is a welcome addition to the Shinersview mid-century modern line of quilt patterns. In the tradition of MCM, it has bold colors and large geometric shapes (squares) laid over a very linear grid foundation. Reminiscent of the room dividers and outdoor garden screens in the '50s and '60s in America.

The pattern has been rolling around in my brain for over a year, and I am excited to finally get it on paper, have it test out as easy as I thought it would, and bring it to market. This quilt pattern made me a better designer, as I thought about creating replication into the instructions and designing borders to maximize fabric utilization.  

Drawing of two mid-century modern quilt pattern

And I am here to tell you that you CAN put a bright and dark back on a white quilt.  Just don't hold it up to the light for a photo shoot. 😂

But truth be told, this was a difficult quilt to get out the door. Not because of the pattern; it's a straightforward pattern with good illustrations. No, the challenges have been mine.

As much as I had enjoyed bringing my first few mid-century modern patterns to life, life changed in the spring of 2020. As I prepared to launch the Brushstrokes quilt pattern, it seemed wrong to be charging a fee for something that people could use to fill their days during lockdown. In the end, I launched the Brushstrokes quilt pattern as a FREE offering. I even had plans to build a quilt-along to go with it.

But as occurred with so many, our lives changed as well. We decided to move to England (my husband's homeland) and spent the remainder of 2020 managing everything that an international move would entail.
My 2022 New Year's resolution was to focus on moving the quilt patterns running around in my head onto paper. My heart broke when I reached out to my list of quilt testers I had worked with previously, only to discover that two had passed on. With this backdrop and the Ukraine war weighing heavy on my mind, I decided I needed to do something, no matter how small, to make the world seem just a little bit right again. So I am donating 100% of sales from, to a charity focused on the needs of Ukrainians. Every dollar spent from April 8-30 on will go to the Ukrainian fund at Americares Foundation.

So if you've ever felt like trying a mid-century modern quilt pattern, now's the time for you to join in the do-good wagon for a few minutes and purchase a pattern on Every dollar spent will go towards helping others who so desperately need it.

So no, not your typical blog post about a quilt launch. But it's the post my heart needed me to make.

I wish all of you a safe and healthy Easter and spring season.


EchosSquare mid-century modern quilt sitting on an orange chair pattern


  • Such a beautiful message for us all to follow. Not only are you a talented designer but you have a lovely heart.
    I made a reversable quilt of Freja and Retro Block for my daughter for Christmas using Cherrywood fabrics all hand dyed fabrics and it is stunning. Thank you so much for doing such a great job with the directions. Not only did they come together quickly and easily, I learned some tips that were very useful to add to my skills.

  • What a wonderful way to help make a difference. I will definitely be purchasing from your website.
    Be well, stay safe and look for the rays of light each day and let them shine on your heart and soul to refuel and soothe yourself as we move through and, make sense of our world.


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