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Streamlining Quilting with Adhesive Labels: Discover the Game-Changing Trick!

Hey there, fellow quilters! I know it's been a while since my last post, but trust me, I've been busy with all sorts of sewing projects. Today I'll share a new tip for using adhesive labels when creating a quilt top as well as share a few items crafted on my creative journey.  It's been quite the adventure, from crafting tea cozies and tote bags to making pillow covers and even a few quilts!

Image of quilts and tote bags
Clockwise from top left: Rainbow Quilt—Shinersview original; Market Tote Tutorial —Bijou Lovely; Elephant Abstractions Quilt pattern—Violet Craft; Pepin Tote Pattern—Noodlehead; Abstract mountain quilt—Shinersview original; Tea Cozies—Shinersview original

Speaking of quilts, I'm super excited about the latest pattern I'm working on. While in its early stages and still nameless, I am having a blast tweaking the size and grid dimensions. I initially thought it might be too big, but then I had an idea: why not offer two sizes of throw quilts instead?

Looking through a doorway at a colorful quilt on the wall
Sneak peak at nameless quilt.

While designing this pattern, I stumbled upon a nifty little trick that has made my quilting life much easier. Are you ready for it? Adhesive labels! Yup, you heard me right. Those sticky labels you use for marking things? They're my new quilting best friend.

White fabric strips with small adhesive labels with writing on it in red ink.

In the past, I have used paper labels and either pin or clip the onto my fabric pieces. But, turns out, adhesive labels are a bit of a game-changer.

Take my newest quilt pattern, for example. It involves cutting multiple strips of fabric from 1" to 9" in width, with multiple strips for some of the fabric widths.  This pattern will feature "cut as you go" instructions. So different fabric strips will be pulled for different blocks, and cut into smaller pieces, along the way. That's where the adhesive labels come in handy.

By sticking these labels onto the width-of-fabric (WOF) strip each time I cut into a new one, I can quickly and accurately identify the correct strip when I go back to it. It takes the confusion out; saving time and prevents any mix-ups along the way. Efficiency and precision in quilting? Yes, please!
Roll of white adhesive labes with a red pen


I'm currently using a roll of labels I bought to bring some order to my stash by labeling my Kona Color assortment.  I will likely switch to labels like these when I need to order some new ones.  It's easy to cut them into the size you need and I can stop having to rewind the roll after I knock it onto the floor < again 🙄 >.  I'll also be adding adhesive labels to the list of recommended items on my newest quilt pattern when it launches. It's a simple yet effective tool that can make a positive impact your quilting adventures.

So, there you have it, folks. I'm back in the quilting saddle, designing up a storm and discovering new tricks like adhesive labels. Stay tuned for more updates on my latest pattern, and in the meantime, happy quilting!

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