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How to adjust your cloth face mask for a better fit

There are a number of face mask makers out there doing our best to provide face masks with a universal fit.  The reality is that with 330 million Americans ... it's not an easy task!

The following steps should help you adjust a mask to make it better fit your face.  They are written for face masks sold by Shinersview, but should work for mostmasks with fixed loops on the sides.

Woman with covid face mask on

Remembering, the main objective of a face mask is to protect other people from you!  Given that, the fit at the top of the face is most important. 

Materials needed:

  • Sewing needle
  • Coordinating thread
  • Straight pins (2)

If your mask has a center line (as in the photo above where you can see the dart in the center) OR if there is a lot of adjustment that needs to be made, then you want to make the adjustment to both sides of the mask.  Doing both sides will help keep the mask centered on your face when you are finished.

To start, fold the strap over as it meets the mask.

Adjusting face mask strap 1

Pin it in place where you think it needs to be adjusted.

Adjusting face mask strap 2

Make the same adjustment on the other side (if necessary) and pin. 

Adjusting face mask strap 3

Try the mask on.  If it fits well, proceed. If not, re-adjust the straps until you get a fit that works for you.

Once you're content with the fit.  Thread your needle stitch the strap in place with double thread, much as you would if you were sewing on a button.  Give it a good 6-7 stitches.  Take a super-tiny stitch at the end to anchor it and then tie the thread (which should be easy if you used double thread to sew).  Sew the other side if necessary.

That's it!  Super simple to make your reusable cloth face mask fit best!

So ... mask on ... and stay safe out there!



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