T@b 320 Window Awning Ordering Instructions

Congratulations!  You're ready to order custom window awnings for your T@b 320.

To expedite your order, please make sure that you have provided the following 4 items before completing the checkout process:  

    • In the drop-down boxes as you place your order on the product listing page
      1. T@b Manufacturer
      2. Awning hem
      3. Number of awnings you want (typically 2 or 3)

    • In the Special Instructions box in your cart before you check out:
      1. Fabric—preferably the fabric name AND Item #


      The following instructions should help you navigate the items above.  However, should you require additional assistance, please feel free to contact me directly.

      Fabric selection:  You can begin your fabric search at Fabric.com
      • All Shinersview listings include the cost of the fabric (subject to a $14 per yard price limitation). 
        • If the fabric you select is more than $14 per yard, I am happy to work with you for the incremental cost of the fabric + 10%.
      • There is an easy-to-use design board (just click on Add to Design wall when on the fabric page) to save & compare different options.
      • They have fair pricing, large selection & deep inventory.
      • As you search, make sure that when you land on a fabric you like, it is an outdoor fabric (or sometimes labeled indoor/outdoor).
      • Each fabric product page will have a 7-digit item number that is unique to that fabric.
      Fabric selection tips:
      • Minimalist:  Choosing a fabric that matches the contrast color or base color on your T@b will create a more minimalist outcome where the T@b is the show and the window awnings enhance that.
      • Bold:  Choosing a fabric that is bolder in color choice or uses more colors, will make your awnings stand out more as part of a decorative treatment.
      • Considerations:
        • The contrast color on your T@b/T@g (the color of your trim, propane tank cover or area around your windows).
        • The base color on your T@b/T@g (primarily silver or white).
        • Interior fabric colors
        • Color of your tow vehicle
        • Your favorite colors.
      • Patterns:
        • Do you like stripes?
        • Flowers?
        • Geometric patterns?
        • Abstract?
        • Whimsical?
        • Structured?
      • I recommend using a patterned fabric on the outside & a solid, neutral-colored lining on the inside.  I have found a light gray, neutral fabric is the best alternative and, unless otherwise requested, is used on all awnings. 
      Awning hem: Once you've selected the fabric, choose the hem design that works best for your style aesthetic and the fabric you've chosen.
        • T@b 320—you may select from Scallop, Angle or Straight hem.
        • Once your fabric has been selected and your order placed with Shinersview, I then order the fabric from the supplier.  
        • It typically arrives in ~10 days.
        • I allow an extra week for fabrication once I have the fabric in hand.
        • Shipping of your awnings will be ~2 to 3 weeks from when you placed your order.

        Questions???  Want help selection your fabric??? Feel free to contact me directly.