T@b 400 Window Awning Ordering Instructions

Congratulations!  You're ready to order custom window awnings for your T@b 400.

To expedite your order, please make sure that you have provided the following 3 items before you check out:  


  1. In the drop-down box as you place your order on the product listing page:
    1. Awning hem
  2. In the Special Instructions box in the shopping cart before you check out:
    1. Fabric—preferably the fabric name AND Item #
    2. Orientation—pieced or sideways

    The following should help you navigate the items above.  However, should you require additional assistance, please feel free to contact me directly.  I am happy to help in anyway.

    Fabric selection:  You can begin your fabric search at Fabric.com
    • All Shinersview listings include the cost of the fabric (subject to a $14 per yard price limitation). 
      • If the fabric you select is more than $14 per yard, I am happy to work with you for the incremental cost of the fabric + 10%
    • There is an easy-to-use design board (just click on Add to Design wall when on the fabric page) to save & compare different options.
    • They have fair pricing, large selection & deep inventory.
    • As you search, make sure that when you land on a fabric you like, it is an outdoor fabric (or sometimes labeled indoor/outdoor).
    • Each fabric product page will have a 7-digit item number that is unique to that fabric.

    T@b 400 front window pattern selection

    • The front window on the T@b 400 is 56” wide, and requires 57” of width of material to fabricate. Outdoor fabrictypically comes in 54” width. This means that the fabric will either need to bepieced OR you need to choose a fabric that can be used sideways.
    • Piecing: I have thought through various scenarios and believe there are two options for piecing:
      • Select a fabric with a fairly wide stripe and I will be able to piece at one of the ends along a wider piece of the stripe so that it is less noticeable.
      • Put two pieces of a solid coordinating fabric at either end of the window awning. This minimizes the look & echo’s the design of the trailer with the colored plastic strip along the top edge of each side of the trailer.
    • Sideways fabric: This means choosing a fabric that is non-directional. It will most likely include fabrics that are geometric or florals that don’t have obvious horizontal or vertical patterns. The following are the type of options you should be looking for if you don’t want the fabric pieced for the front window.

     Non-directional fabric swatches

    Additional fabric selection tips:

    • Minimalist:  Choosing a fabric that matches the contrast color or base color on your T@b will create a more minimalist outcome where the T@b is the show and the window awnings enhance that.
    • Bold:  Choosing a fabric that is bolder in color choice or uses more colors, will make your awnings stand out more as part of a decorative treatment.
    • Considerations:
      • The contrast color on your T@b/T@g (the color of your trim, propane tank cover or area around your windows).
      • The base color on your T@b/T@g (primarily silver or white).
      • Interior fabric colors
      • Color of your tow vehicle
      • Your favorite colors.
    • Patterns:
      • Do you like stripes?
      • Flowers?
      • Geometric patterns?
      • Abstract?
      • Whimsical?
      • Structured?
    • I recommend using a patterned fabric on the outside & a solid, neutral-colored lining on the inside.  I have found a light gray, neutral fabric is the best alternative and, unless otherwise requested, is used on all awnings. 
    Awning hem: Once you've selected the fabric, choose the hem design that works best for your style aesthetic and the fabric you've chosen.
      • T@b 400—you may select from Angle or Straight hem.
      • Once your fabric has been selected and your order placed with Shinersview, I then order the fabric from the supplier.  
      • It typically arrives in ~10 days.
      • I allow an extra week for fabrication once I have the fabric in hand.
      • Shipping of your awnings will be ~2 to 3 weeks from when you placed your order.

      Questions???  Want help selection your fabric??? Feel free to contact me directly.