FAQs—T@b Window Awnings

Q.  Does Shinersview sell custom awnings?

A.  All Shinersview awnings are custom made with fabric selected by clients.  Occasionally there will be a set that has been pre-made and they are listed in inventory, but 99% of the awnings are custom made.

Q.  How do the awnings attach to the windows?

A.  Great question.  Here's a video that shows how the awning attaches to the window on the T@b 320.  The awnings for the T@b 400 and T@g attach in the same way, however, awnings for those trailers have a strap with a buckle as opposed to Velcro.  

Q.  How do I select fabric?

A.  I use Fabric.com as my primary fabric supplier.  Feel free to take a look at their outdoor fabrics to see the breadth of selection.

Q.  Can I provide my own fabric?

A.  It depends.  I am happy to work with client supplied fabric provided that it meets some minimum requirements.  If you're interested in learning more, please contact me directly.  

Q.  Why do you only use outdoor fabrics?

A.  Outdoor fabrics resist moisture and fading—both required in camping applications.  Further, window awnings need to be able to dry quickly prior to storage to avoid mildew and minimize wrinkling.  Outdoor fabric fibers tend to resist moisture absorption where cottons tend to absorb moisture.  To deliver a high quality product, I am only working with outdoor fabrics at this time.

Q.  How long does it take to ship once I place my order?

A.  Once your order has been place AND fabric selected, it takes 2-3 weeks for your awnings to ship.  The bulk of this time is waiting for the fabric to arrive from the supplier.  In a hurry?  Happy to expedite the fabric shipping from the supplier for a small fee.  

Q.  Can I order an awning with scallops?

A.  It depends.  For the T@b 320 awnings, you can order awnings with Scallop, Angle or Straight hems.  Due to the window configurations on the T@b 400 and T@gs, I am only offering Angle or Straight hems.  

Q.  Do you make other accessories for T@bs?

A.  Yes, I am happy to make pillows or storage bags that coordinate with your awnings.  The listings for these items are available within the window awning section.

Q.  Do you sell Side Sunshades?

A.  No.  If you are interested in a side sunshade, I highly recommend Doty Hill Designs.  We are happy to work to try to coordinate your fabric selection if you would like to order both window awnings and sunshade, but cannot guarantee that the same fabric can be obtained.