FAQs—Adirondack Neck Pillows

Q.  What fabric do you use on your neck pillows?

A.  I use outdoor fabrics exclusively.

Q.  Is the fabric water proof?

A.  The outdoor fabrics used are water and fade resistant.  Meaning they will not absorb water and will dry relatively quickly once the water source is removed.

Q.  Can I custom order a different fabric?

A.  Absolutely.  Feel free to contact me directly to learn more.  

Q.  Will these pillows fit ALL Adirondack chairs?

A.  There are a lot of different makes and models of chairs out there, but these should fit most of them. 

Q.  What if my chairs don't have open slats at the top like yours do in the pictures?

A.  All pillow straps can be adapted to use Velcro so that the straps may be used o chairs that do not have open slats.  Note:  all pillows will ship with a solid strap unless Velcro is chosen when ordering.